Manufacturer of drawers

Drawers from chipboard or MDF, wrapped with PVC foil, PP foil or decor paper

Josef Knoop GmbH is a manufacturer of economic foil wrapped drawers with a capacity of 40,000 meters per day. During the process, chipboard or MDF board is coated with resistant, yet appealing decor foil made from PVC, PP or  paper.

Drawers are available in five basic variations as illustrated below:

Base material Chipboard or MDF
Foil PVC foil, PP foil or decor paper
Decor All common patterns and colours available
Profile edges straight, round or chamfered edges
Height Profile height infinitely variable between 45mm and 250mm
Width infinitely variable up to 3000mm
Bottom groove between 3 and 8mm
Runner groove between 12 and 34mm
Dowels 6 or 8mm, wood or plastic
Distance between dowels 32, 48, 64, 80 or 96mm
Adaptations Drillings and notches for concealed underfloor runner systems